Structure Dimension:
Item Diameter Material
Inner Conductor 1.63mm Silver plated copper
Dielectric 5.27 mm PTFE
Outer Conductor 6.20 mm Tin soaked copper braid
Jacket 7.00 mm FEP/ PVC /LSZH
Mechanical Characteristics:
Item Specification Remarks
Static Minimum Bending Radius 30 mm Single bend
Dynamic Minimum Bending Radius 120mm Repeat for 15 times
Electrical Characteristics:
Item Specification Remarks
Characteristic Impedance 50Ω
Velocity 70 Nominal value
Capacitance 95pf/m Nominal value
Cutoff frequency (Ghz) 19
Time delay (ns/m) 4.7
Max operating volage (KVrms) 3.5
Shielding Efffectiveness up to 18GHz 100
VSWR Typical Value 1.15 10M-3000MHz
Attenuation & Average Power Rating (dB/m,KW):
Frequency                                                              Attenuation
500 0.17
1000 0.25
3000 0.46
5000 0.63
10000 0.98
180000 1.45

OEM accepted, can be design and produce as customers request.